Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Snow much fun

We are having the winter storm of our lives right now! Not really, I thinking there has been worse, but it sure feels like it. The freezing temps, the blowing wind, I'm tired of it already. Why do we live in Michigan? I know what you are thinking, I shouldn't complain, we have the beautiful lake just 2 miles away all summer long.
In saying that, I'm going to put on some fuzzy socks, my thermal PJ's and flip the TV on to watch LOST tonight. I've been waiting months for the show to come back! So I need to get my dish of ice cream (don't say it) and get under my snuggie wuggie, and vegggg out.....
Natalie is in heaven by the way, with all this snow....Why is it that kids love the snow? I remember staying outside for hours, I can't stand it 5 minutes...
just saying..