Thursday, June 12, 2008

I need a vacation!

I did not realize that life would be busier once school let out. It seems like I don't have any time left at the end of the day to do anything, and I feel like I have neglected my blog. Maybe its because the weather is nicer and we've been spending more and more time outside. Natalie's garden is coming along nicely. Her tomatoes are coming along great! Natalie is starting to get back in the swim mode. But its really all about the horse riding right now. We have made several trips to the stable just to give carrots and apple treats to Duke & Golly. I'm still wondering if this is a phase or a real deal!
Well since I've been neglecting the blog, I have been working on a website for Natalie and her new hobby. It's still under construction, but I think its coming along well. Click here to view.
We leave for vacation on Saturday, we are going up north and there is no wi-fi where we are going. There are also no phones. It will be tough, but I will suffer through :)


Medgirl said...

I need one too!! I hope you had a great time up north and bring lots of pictures! I feel like my head is in a fog and can't seem to get it straight..just need to sleep next to the sounds of some crashing waves in hawaii!