Sunday, April 26, 2009

Nat's weird revelation.....

Its weird, every part of my body feels like its burning, even though I'm under water.
My lungs are on fire, my shoulders ache, my hearts pouding my legs cry out "NO MORE!"
And you know whats even weirder?
I love every second of it, this is my time.....I Swim!

Go Nat!

Fine Arts Festival

Natalie wanted to sing in this year's Fine Arts Festival at school. Since this was her first time singing in public, she decided it may be better to sing a "duet" with a friend. So Nat & Sarah have been practicing for 3 weeks and finally the day arrived. Nat was full of nervous butterflies but I think she did great! Once she was done and had the experience under her belt, she felt great about it too.

I can't believe how my little girl is growing up before my eyes! Way to go Nat on a great job of facing your fear and accomplishing your goals. Speaking of goals, Nat is back in the pool swimming her heart out. We switched "teams" and Natalie fought me the whole way. Two weeks later, she told me this is way better and I think her having a male coach has made all the difference in the world. Natalie is definately focusing on her goals and I feel like I've reached a goal getting her to reach for her goals! Crazy.....

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Girl Universe

Well, we both survived the sleep over, although I'm not sure it was a total success either. There was no ambushing, no real wars. But when you've done all you can do to be nice and still keep your cool when all you get is attitude and lip service, I think the sleep over was a successful in Natalie's eyes. She won the war of holding it together no matter how strong the urge was to just haul off and let her have it.
Are they best friends come next Monday? I'd say not. Will the line be more clear and definite regarding their co existing? Definately. I think the true colors were shown.....
The best lesson learned was that life has all kinds of people, and no matter what you do, and how nice you are, sometimes you just learn to co-exist and leave them alone. It's a hard lesson to learn and accept, but once you get it, you never forget it.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Summer's Coming

First sunset of 2009.........

Nervous Wreck

Natalie is spending the night tonight at a "friends" house for her birthday party. Normally, I'm a pretty relaxed parent when it comes to this. Natalie will stay anywhere, with anyone as long as a good time is involved. But in this case it is different.....
Natalie met this girl when she started her new school in January and lets just say, they didn't hit it off. Until this week, they pretty much avoided each other, and if they did speak to each other, it wasn't pleasant. After hearing day after day, the drama between them, I decided to bring it to their teachers attention. Natalie informed me that her and the girl had a sit down talk and "its all good now, we have an understanding." Wow, was I relieved, maybe we can put this is all behind us! Then, out of the blue, yesterday an invite to her birthday party and its an over night.
My motherly instinct kicked in immediately. I've been in this situation before. The human in me is saying that this could be a really good opportunity to change their relationship. But the GIRL in me is screaming, is this an opportunity for an ambush? We are talking 9 year old girls here. I want to give the benefit of the doubt here, these girls go to a private school, where Christian values are taught and enforced. However, I know how girls can be, I am one.

In the car on the way to her house, Nat & I developed a plan. I think it made me feel better knowing I supplied her with an out, in case my "girl" instincts were spot on. I went through the normal lecture about using your manners, help clean up etc. Then I said, I know you know right from wrong and if there is something wrong I packed your cell phone in your bag so call me and I will come get you. Comprende?

Tonight, I pray for peace in the "girl" universe.........