Thursday, April 2, 2009

Nervous Wreck

Natalie is spending the night tonight at a "friends" house for her birthday party. Normally, I'm a pretty relaxed parent when it comes to this. Natalie will stay anywhere, with anyone as long as a good time is involved. But in this case it is different.....
Natalie met this girl when she started her new school in January and lets just say, they didn't hit it off. Until this week, they pretty much avoided each other, and if they did speak to each other, it wasn't pleasant. After hearing day after day, the drama between them, I decided to bring it to their teachers attention. Natalie informed me that her and the girl had a sit down talk and "its all good now, we have an understanding." Wow, was I relieved, maybe we can put this is all behind us! Then, out of the blue, yesterday an invite to her birthday party and its an over night.
My motherly instinct kicked in immediately. I've been in this situation before. The human in me is saying that this could be a really good opportunity to change their relationship. But the GIRL in me is screaming, is this an opportunity for an ambush? We are talking 9 year old girls here. I want to give the benefit of the doubt here, these girls go to a private school, where Christian values are taught and enforced. However, I know how girls can be, I am one.

In the car on the way to her house, Nat & I developed a plan. I think it made me feel better knowing I supplied her with an out, in case my "girl" instincts were spot on. I went through the normal lecture about using your manners, help clean up etc. Then I said, I know you know right from wrong and if there is something wrong I packed your cell phone in your bag so call me and I will come get you. Comprende?

Tonight, I pray for peace in the "girl" universe.........