Thursday, July 30, 2009

A New Chapter

Natalie had her horse lesson today. We have been talking about going down the lease road for a few months now, and I think we finally have to come to some decision. It cannot be shoved under that table or forgotten any longer. Hmmm.
Natalie has told us quite a few times that her "goal" is to show a horse. Well, you kinda need a horse to do that. So, fast forward to today's lesson. The horse that Natalie rides is a 26 year of mare. She's seen better days and way past her prime. Her coach mentioned today that Natalie is now asking the mare to do things that the mare can no longer do. In English, Nat's outgrown her. So, we were presented with the option of leasing 2 horses. Warrior or Szanghi?
Natalie is attracted to Warrior because he is a paint. He's young and has some "pep in his step." Way opposite of the current riding situation she is used to. Then there is Szanghi. He's an Arabian, slightly older, and very good with kids. Natalie has rode Szanghi before, but has not rode Warrior yet. Test drives begin next week.
It's an exciting opportunity thats coming, however bittersweet. We will surely miss Ghalli with all she has taught us. But its time to begin this chapter of starting a new, lasting relationship with a new horse.
So what's it going to be Warrior or Szanghi? To be continued......

Thursday, July 23, 2009


Did you know they have a facebook for kids? I did not know that. Natalie has been begging me for a facebook account (I think just to play the different games) but I feel she's a bit too young. So I google facebook for kids and wha la...there it is. I think its more like a myspace, but we shall see. My social butterfly is spreading her wings again......

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Where's Gretchen?

Wow, it's been almost a month since my last post. It's not that I haven't had news to tell, just haven't really had a moment to think about it. But I'm vowing to have more frequent posts.
The biggest news is probably the fact I lost my job. Or is it my position was eliminated? Still unsure what really happened. I just don't understand the office politics and how people can just blindside you, but I just have to accept that God has chosen this for a reason and it has yet to be reveled.
Grandma P. has celebrated her 80th Birthday on July 3. It was a fun evening! And she was totally shocked (it was a surprise party). Of course, we all got to dress up, something that rarely happens, so I took the opportunity to take some photos of us all gussied up. It will probably be another few years before you see us all together dressed up!

Nat has started back to horse back riding. It seems she has picked up right where she left off this winter. She's riding Ghalli again and seems to have a great bond with her. She's learning to get her to trot by asking and keeping up the trot while weaving in and out of cones (serpentine) It's fun to see her enjoy herself and having the confidence of controlling a 1000 lb animal.
Natalie has also been swimming alot this summer. That's part of the reason why my posts have been more infrequent. Swim team is alot of commitment with practices and meets. I'm relieved that she has these wonderful opportunities available to her.
Now I'm thinking about back to school. Wow, where has the summer gone? Now I'm consumed with thoughts of backpacks and pencils and most of all DRAMA. I hope that the girls have grown and matured a bit. No, I hope ALOT. I'm praying for no drama from Natalie when it comes to shoe shopping. Last year, in attempting to purchase shoes for school, we both ended up in tears and I swore I would never step foot in a store with her again (no pun intended). This year we know what we want and we both agree, so it should be tear free. I hope. What's the new high top sketchers all about anyway?
Hopefully, my next post won't be about our trip to the shoe store, I'm vowing also to take more pictures. Thats something I love to do, but just have let go this summer. I need a good kick in the pants I suppose.
Until next time.....