Thursday, July 30, 2009

A New Chapter

Natalie had her horse lesson today. We have been talking about going down the lease road for a few months now, and I think we finally have to come to some decision. It cannot be shoved under that table or forgotten any longer. Hmmm.
Natalie has told us quite a few times that her "goal" is to show a horse. Well, you kinda need a horse to do that. So, fast forward to today's lesson. The horse that Natalie rides is a 26 year of mare. She's seen better days and way past her prime. Her coach mentioned today that Natalie is now asking the mare to do things that the mare can no longer do. In English, Nat's outgrown her. So, we were presented with the option of leasing 2 horses. Warrior or Szanghi?
Natalie is attracted to Warrior because he is a paint. He's young and has some "pep in his step." Way opposite of the current riding situation she is used to. Then there is Szanghi. He's an Arabian, slightly older, and very good with kids. Natalie has rode Szanghi before, but has not rode Warrior yet. Test drives begin next week.
It's an exciting opportunity thats coming, however bittersweet. We will surely miss Ghalli with all she has taught us. But its time to begin this chapter of starting a new, lasting relationship with a new horse.
So what's it going to be Warrior or Szanghi? To be continued......