Saturday, March 14, 2009

Traverse City

Well, we're here in the big City. It was a rough start to this adventure I'm sorry to say. We left Wednesday afternoon around 4 and we were moving to get up here. About 10 miles from the hotel the car starts sputtering and the engine light is flashing. OMG, we are 4 hours from home and I'm going to have to have my car fixed. Needless to say, I couldn't eat or sleep because I was worried about the stupid car! So bright and early Thursday morning I ask the front desk where the nearest Autozone is so they could read the engine code from my car. After I get the directions, Natalie and I begin our journey to Autozone. Hmmm, car seems to be running fine, no engine light is flashing. ??? The nice kid comes to our rescue with the thing ma gig to read the code. "No Codes Failed" The car passed all tests. Well what the heck? Water in the line? Who knows, I guess I just needed to have something to worry about. Next, Nat and I get to the hotel, its time for business. Swim time. We change and I'm packing a bag to take with me to the pool area book, phone, earphones, and yes a soda. Well the soda I put in the bag (along with my new blackbery phone) Natalie opened and didn't close the lid all the way. I noticed it as I was walking with a stream of pop dripping down. At this point I was crying. We got back into the car, drove across the street to Kmart I bought some rubbing alcohol and cotton swabs. An hour with the hair dryer and it was good as new! Now, I finally get to relax....... We went for dinner last night at a place called Slenders. Its known to be one of the oldest bars in Northern Michigan. It think it started in 1875? Anyway, I think I had the best burger in my whole life there. And you have to smooch the moose! They have a bunch of "stuffed" animals along the walls, like deer, squirls, buffalo and a moose named Randolph. Well you have to smooch Randolph and you get a special surprise. Natalie was quite shy when it came to smoochin, but she finally did it!

As for now, I'm back at the pool, relaxing and enjoying the day! I'll post some pics in my next post, stay tuned for more Adventures from Traverse City!


JunkStop said...

Traverse City is such a great place! I live in Manistee, so it's a nice daytrip! :D