Monday, September 1, 2008

Labor Day

We made it back from camping this weekend. We decided to camp this weeked as a last wha-hoo before school starts. Natalie has been begging all summer to go camping, so as a last treat before school, we gave in and went to Twin Oaks Campground in Wellston, MI. That's about 3 hours Northern Michigan, near Manistee.

Of course we did our usual visit to Na-Tah-Ka for dinner on Saturday night, and Sunday we went into Manistee and got to see "their" beach. I think I appreciate their beach better than ours and that may be because I see ours all the time. It pretty much looks the same as ours, just a bit northerner?

I took quite a bit of pictures, mostly scenery pictures because Natalie made a friend at the campground, and she was gone all the time. I'm glad she had a great time. On the way home from Na-Tah-Ka, we went deer hunting and Anthony finally caught up with the albino deer that rumored lived in some parts. After 3 years of hearing about the rumor, we finally caught them on video. A mama deer, with 2 fawns, one was albino like her, one brown. That was neat to see.

The only bad thing about the weekend, was a moment in the restrooms at the campsite. Ok, I have to get on a high horse for a moment, and speak my mind. This campground is near the pine river, which lots and lots of people love to canoe down. So towards the back of the campground were the tenters/canoers. I believe they put them in back of the campground for reason, it gets loud and party hardy. All weekend, I told myself that these are young, consenting adults, with no responsibilities, who cares if they want to drink and be promiscuous, so be it. UNTIL, a conversation I heard in the women's restroom. Here I am, after my shower, putting on my Kmart clothes, listening to 2 lady's talking while putting on their Clinque makeup. The conversation was basically how they needed to get back home to their KIDS, and spend some time with them before school starts. Here comes my self-righteousness......So parents dump their kids off at the grandparents house for the weekend, in order to spend a weekend getting drunk, possibly some sort of disease, and to canoe? I think this is wrong in so many ways. Such an example these "parents" are giving. Enough on the horse now.......

We have some great scenic pictures, if you like to view them click here
Need to pack lunch for school tomorrow....Yeah!


Heather said...

Oh my gosh! I was at Na-Tah-Ka for dinner not too long ago! Cool!