Thursday, October 9, 2008


Natalie had her horse lesson today and she got to ride Shanghi. We are considering leasing him for her and we wanted her to have a few lessons on him before we jump into the lease. He was really good with her today, although he certainly is not our Gholli.
Shanghi has a bad habit of throwing his shoulder and turning his head when Natalie tried to turn him. He learned pretty quick, that Natalie was a young rider, and he tried his best to get away with it everytime. He would also slow almost to a stop when she would cross the entrance to the barn. I think they are going to be a really good match. I've come to the conclusion, that he's not going to give it to her, unless she knows how to ask for it. One thing I know for sure, Natalie loves a challenge, and I think that this horse will certainly challenge her!

On another note, in an earlier post, I mentioned how I started to read the twilight saga series. Well, after the horse lesson, we ran to Target so I could buy the last book in the series "Breaking Dawn" I just have to know what happens to Bella and Edward. I don't think I've ever read books this fast before. This last book has 800 I go