Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Natalie's New School

Well Natalie has had 3 days in her new school and she is loving it. She's like a new girl, or my old girl whichever way you'd like to see it. She comes home HAPPY now. To listen to her giggle while she tells me about her day is like music to my ears, and sunshine in my heart. I hope this newness last all year long.

One thing different about this school, is that Natalie now has "religion" class. I asked her how that was going and she's like, well I really didn't pay attention. I firmly told her, and stressed to her how important this is. Her reply was that it was just a story of a man who had 2 wives and they were fighting all the time. How can you stay serious when she comes back with that?

Well I met some of the moms in Natalie's class, and they have been wonderful. They are very helpful and quite friendly. I feel like I could really develop some friendships with these other Moms. I feel so encouraged right now, and I feel blessed that this door has opened for Natalie and I.

Natalie gets to go sledding for recess, so its snowing today, time to get out the sled!