Sunday, February 8, 2009

My Fireman Hero

I have to brag on my man for a minute. Last night we had our annual "Fireman's Appreciation Dinner." It's the same thing every year, all the fireman and the wives, along with the retired fireman and their wives have dinner, get a little drunk and have a party. Well its starts out we have dinner first, then an awards ceremony and then the party really starts.
My hubs had the honor of putting this years event together with the planning of the dinner all the way through. Dinner was fine, and then we watched a little picture show presentation (put together by my hubs) and then the awards ceremony began. The Chief usually gives out years of service awards, who retired this year yada yada. Well, then he began to say that each year he would like to acknowledge a fireman of the year, or give credit for some outstanding leadership etc.
When the Chief began his story about who he wanted to acknowledge this year, I instantly knew who he was speaking of. In September 2004, my hubs was wearing his "Paramedic Hat" and was on the clock when his fire pager went off. The details were that in our local trailer park, there was a trailer on fire, fully involved and unknown if anyone was in it. He was just 2 miles away, so they headed that way. When he arrived, the fire trucks were not there yet, it was just him, his partner, and the police. In talking with people around, it was unknown if the female occupant was in the trailer or not. This female had recently been injured with broken legs and was just barely able to get around. My hubs walked over to the door, opened the door and saw her feet. He pulled her out, and started CPR immediately on her. She is alive today, and her children still have their mother because of the quick actions of my hubs.
Anthony was never publicly acknowledge for his heroic efforts that day, because the press release said that the local police officer (who assisted carrying her out) actually "saved her." Because of his job, Anthony saves lives all the time, so what does it matter if another guy takes the credit? It matters alot in my book. Anthony finally got what was due to him, and received the recognition of saving her life. We have a plaque now to show his "heroic actions." Way to go Ant!