Saturday, August 29, 2009

Back to School

Fair week is over, and I've had a week to recover. The first part of the week, was so hot and sticky, almost unbearable. On Wednesday, Natalie and her friend went to their first concert to see "The Naked Brothers Band." First they rode the rides till it was time for the show. Then Anthony took them back stage to do a meet and greet. Natalie did not want to wash her hands at all!

During the fair, we talked to many people about 4-H and leasing a horse for Natalie etc. I got some vital information and been spending this week of recovery, researching stables and horses for new opportunities for Natalie's horseback riding lessons.
Also this week, we did the dreaded back to school shopping. Michigan schools don't begin until after labor day, so we always have at least 2 weeks after fair to get last minute supplies. I always wait until the last moment to buy shoes. Here's why. I bought Natalie a pair of shoes right before school let out for summer and she wore a size 3. Back to school shoes were size 5. How does one jump 2 sizes in 3 months. She did this last year too. So, hopefully the bigger size will last us at least until winter I hope. No tears this year with shoes. She knew what she wanted and it was a matter of talking me into paying for them! Have to admit they are cute!

Well we are headed into our last week of summer and summer break. 4th grade here we come! I'm praying for no drama already!