Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Our Summer so far

Well, I have to say the summer has been all about Natalie. After the very bad school year we had, this summer certainly has made up for it. To sum it up, she has practiced so hard in her swimming, that it paid off by placing 3rd in freestyle event and 10th over all (out of 35) in the backstroke event.

Then of course we have the diving. She placed 2nd place. This of course wasn't an official meet, but the coach wanted them to see what an event would look like etc.

Next, we have her and Gholli. Those two are finally getting to know each other and the trust and bond grows stronger each lesson. I'm so thankful she has Gholli to come to when she's having a rough day.

Now, this week at the fair, she received the grand champion ribbon for her dish garden entry. AND tonight, she got to meet Corbin Bleau. Of all nights, I forgot my camera, so I had to borrow one. So that picture is coming. I think that pretty much topped off her summer!

I don't remember having summers quite like this. She's a lucky girl.