Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Swimming Benefits

As you all probably figured out by now, Natalie is on the swim team. Having such a difficult school year, I struggled to find her something that she could do, stay healthy, and keep her focused. I needed something that she could say that she did other than "I'm a second grader." Of course, we've tried the normal things, gymnastics, soccer, softball etc. But these sports were good one day, and the next day, who cares attitude. Until swimming......
She's in the pool every day. Of course there has been disadvantages as well, mainly her hair damage, but all in all, who could ask for a better solution for all her issues she was dealing with in her life. So I thought I would do some research as to what swimming really does for your body/mind, this is what I found.

  • Promotes physical development

  • Develops aerobic endurance and is the most beneficial form of cardiovascular exercise

  • Enhances flexibility and promotes muscular development and posture

  • Develops superior coordination

  • Learn life skills like: Time management, self discipline, sportsmanship

  • Teaches how to set and achieve goals

  • Swimmers do better in school vs. non-swimmers

You can view Natalie's swimming accomplishments by clicking on her "swim team link"