Sunday, December 28, 2008

Holiday experience

Well, the mini and I went to see Bedtime Stories on Christmas Day, and we give it 2 thumbs up. Very cute, and worth the wait. I like Adam Sandler, he did a good job!

Santa brought Natalie an Ipod for Christmas this year and we had to immediately load music on it as soon as the package was opened. Miley Cyrus, Corbin bleu, some 80's, the Barbie song, and of course, The Jonas Brothers. She also got Guitar Hero for Playstation 2, which she has already gone to 3 levels in 2 days.

I'm glad Christmas is over, and I'm so ready to take down the tree. That's on the agenda this week, since Daddy is home this week sitting with the mini, that's a good project for them to do. All our snow is gone now, so they can't do the normal stuff like sledding etc. Worked out for me!