Sunday, December 21, 2008

Let it go

WARNING: This blog entry is going to be some major venting!

If you read my blog regularly, you will know that Natalie's last day at Stewart Elementary was Friday. This was a difficult decision for us, moving her in the middle of the year, and starting her in a private, religious school.

On Friday, (her last day) everything went fine, Natalie was a bit emotional to be expected. Each of her classmates wrote her a "goodbye" letter. After reading them all, I began to have doubts about this, is this the right move, right now. All of the letters had very kind words to say to Natalie. Until last night.....

Natalie was invited to a Christmas party at our local YMCA. They got to swim, eat pizza, and exchange a little Christmas spirit. While our kids were having fun, I was there with other moms that wanted to stay behind. The hostess mom said to me, I heard Natalie's last day was Friday. I said yes, it's time for a change, lots of issues etc. The next thing she said to me, sealed the deal. She said "I heard there were issues with her at the beginning of the year, but I thought it was getting better now." She heard of issues.. I've met this mom twice, and just in the last 2 weeks. HERE COMES THE VENT

Obviously, if this mom has heard of issues, someones been talking. We are normally very private people, especially when it comes to Natalie. I normally only post the very best things about Natalie and our life on my blog. So how would this mom know about the issues? I realize that moms talk to other moms, but isn't the one thing that we mothers impose on our daughters is how hurtful gossiping can be? How gossiping can really destroy people's lives, if it is done in the worst possible ways. So with mother's gossiping about other kids, how does the kid ever stand a chance? Natalie has had issues with these girls at school, but I'm starting to have my doubts about the moral characters of their mothers. Are they encouraging the behavior by setting such an example? This is why my daughter has self esteem issues!

I hope that the parents of Natalie's new school, being that it is Christan based, are mature enough not to gossip about other children, and accept Natalie for the beautiful girl she is. I have to let this go now........