Monday, March 9, 2009

Traverse City here we come!

Our annual trip to Traverse City is in 2 days! We are so ready to have this needed break. Natalie and I will be hot tubbin, and swimming and most of all relaxing. Anthony will be working. Poor guy, all in a days work I soppose. I'm sure he will be having his own fun in all the conferences he will be attending. He needs to learn more I suppose. It's going to be rough, but we will suffer through.
It's a four hour drive, and I'm wondering what to do keep Natalie busy. Let's see, we have her mp3, Ninetendo DS, portable dvd player, and book 1 to Harry Potter she just now started to read. That should cover it, I hope. I will of course bring some snacks along the way, probably some crackers and naturally, red licorice. I think we're ready!

Now on a different, more complicated note, I feel that I should clear this up for some of my readers, there is always the question of how this is all possible. and far be it to ASK. Well let me explain, even though I shouldn't have to. These conferences are a REQUIREMENT for his job. I hope that you are smart enough to realize what that means and it will clear up any questions that arise. Yes, I'm still being a bitch about this and it is still my prerogative. See post below.....
I am growing up, and with a little therapy I grew a spine. I think its really a sad thing when you have to explain every move you make to the people who are supposed to love you unconditionally. Sometimes life is just jacked up I suppose. Now, I must just "Let It Go"

See you all in Traverse City, will post some pictures of our mini-vacation/work.