Thursday, June 4, 2009

Class Trip

For Natalie's class trip this year, we drove 2 hours to Fair Oaks Dairy Farm, in Fair Oaks, IN. Mrs. Williams drove, and I and Mrs. Virsik rode along. The girls were really good on the road and seemed to keep themselves entertained.
Once we arrived, our group was checked in and we watched a 3D/4D movie about dairy farms and what they fed the cows and such. There were special surprises in this film, but I won't say to spoil the surprise. Next, we went on a bus tour to the barns where the cows were kept for milking. This farm has over 30,000 cows. These cows are spread over 10 individual farms that make up the Fair Oaks dairy. The cows stay inside the barns and are milked 3 times everyday.

Here we go round the merry go round

We were told that the cows enjoy riding on the merry go round. I guess it breaks up the day?

Yes, there was quite an odor in the air, Mrs. Virsik thought

After the tour, we had some lunch and they served there own brand of milk. It was the best milk I have EVER tasted. It was very creamy. Would love to buy some more.
After lunch the kids were set free in the play area. They had a trampoline, a train, a wall climber (Nat's favorite). It was a really great day. I was so surprised I had a great time.

Smile for the Camera....Way to go Mr. Steffens class! It's been a great year.