Thursday, June 4, 2009

School's Out, An Official 4th Grader

School is officially done, and my baby is a 4th grader. How time flies, I remember her starting kindergarten.
To celebrate the last day of school, her brownie group decided to celebrate in style. School was dismissed at 11:30, and off to Chuck E. Cheese we went. The closet restaurant is in South Bend, IN, which is about a 40 minute ride. After we all arrived, we made our food order and the girls started to play! Then when all the tokens were gone, they were given their last badges and then it was off to Build a Bear!

Each girl got to choose their own "friend" and do all the "stuffing" that goes along with the process. Then they got to choose either a brownie sash or a brownie vest to go with their friend. It was a really good time, but a long afternoon.

Natalie called her friend, Scruffie. Its a tan/brown dog. Scruffie will be there to hear all her secrets this summer, and get her ready to start the 4th grade. I can't believe it!!! Let the summer begin.....