Thursday, July 10, 2008

Birthday blues

No, it's not my birthday yet, trust me I can wait for that! My nephew is turning 6 on Saturday and we are invited to his party. The problem I am having is what in the world do boys play with these days. I struggle with this every year, I have 3 nephews and what do boys like to do? I can handle the girl party's easily, hands down, blind folded and one hand tied behind my back.

I spend so much time in Target trying to find a "toy" that will be in the latest craze. I ask my friends that have boys, and they are like oh, get him transformers, magnetix, this or that, and I probably looking at them like they are talking Greek to me. I think one year, in Target I found a boy in the toy section about the age I was looking for and had him pick out something. His Mom was very understanding that I wasn't some freak trying to hurt him. lol

Is Nerf stuff still a hit with boys, do they like that stuff? I worry about buying transformers or action figures because I don't know what he already has. I thought about giving a gift card, but is that really fun to open on your birthday at 6 years old?

Since I won't have Internet this weekend, I'll be in Target in the boy section of the toy isle, searching for an idea, longing for some boy to come in and help me. Pathetic, I know....


Cycle-Max BMX Racing said...

Check out MagNext...the new version of Magnetix. He'll be the first to own at Target.

Gretchen said...

Thank you bmx!