Thursday, July 10, 2008

Need to Connect

I finally talked Anthony into letting our "landline" go and just keep our cell phones. It will save us about $100 a month. After months of negotiating he finally tired and said alright(he has issues with 911, why in the world he would worry about that is beyond me lol). So I proudly called AT&T this morning to disconnect and order and all that stuff. OH NO!

Good news is, we can have the high speed internet without a "phone line" but, they have to send a tech out and wire the box thing outside and the soonest available is next week. So I will be without internet until next week. So, I will have to go somewhere else to do my blogging and checking in on my peeps. I guess it will worth it all when the bill comes and its only $39 instead of a $139.
Countdown starts today, hope I make it!