Tuesday, July 8, 2008

My Space

I have had several people tell me that they have "my spaces." I am trying to figure out what the crazyness is about having a my space account. I went to the website, and in order to look around at any people, you have to become a member.

So my question is, do you sign up for a my space to "spy" on all your "friends", and the friends I mean are your co-workers, your neighbors, your classmates, etc., or do you sign up to do the social networking. I have to admit, I do belong to a few of the "social network" websites, but in the past, I chose the more family friendly sites.

So yes, I joined my space in order to "spy" on my friends! I'm not quite sure how much time I will put into developing "my space." I'm still skeptical about it. Anyone have advice on this subject?


Nicole said...

I did the same thing- wanted to see what old friends were up to so I "Joined" and after reading their profiles, decided I like Facebook better and haven't logged in to MySpace for many months. Like you alluded, it not a "nice" network. So, I don't use it. I also think Facebook is more secure with your information.