Saturday, November 29, 2008

Without a hitch

Thanksgiving went off without a hitch except.......
I'm on my way to Grandma's house bringing my warm cheesy spinach/artichoke dip and bottle of wine, and I'm just coming into Berrien Springs. I have the radio up to Christmas music, singing along, sure I'm going slightly over the speed limit, but it wasn't like obscene or anything. Anyway, I happen to look over and I spot a MSP car heading the opposite direction, and I'm like oh snap! I tap my break, and check the rear view mirror. I see the trooper turn around. At this point, I know I'm busted, I had no idea how much over the speed limit I was, but knowing it was inevitable, I just pull over, put it park, reach for my drivers license and wait for him. Sure enough, the light goes on, and he parks behind me and starts to walk up. I'm not nervous yet, because I'm quite comfortable around police/ems/fire agencies(thank you Anthony for getting me out of more tickets than I can count on both hands, love ya xo) as most of them in the area either know me, or know my name, you can say I have "immunity." I roll my window down, and he has a huge smile on his face and says "I have to know what your license plate means" I get this alot from people. I have a specialize plate it is LTFD9WF. Trying to sound that out? It's Lincoln Township Fire Department 9 WF=Wife. I explained to the troop, he grinned in acknowledgement, and then, he asks, do you know why I stopped you? Before I could say a word, he said I just wanted you to know you have a tail light out, and you were going slightly fast. Then the nerves set in. My mind was racing, oh I have more explaining to do to Anthony. He took my license and said he'd be right back.

When you are on the road passing by someone stopped by the police, ever think, oh man, they are getting a biscuit!!!! poor sucker. Well, I saw that in people's faces as they drove by and stared at me. What was I going to tell Anthony, here's another ticket to get me out of?

The trooper came back, handed me my license and said he just had to write down that he stopped me and talked to me about my tail light. Have a good day miss, and drive safe.

Was he being nice? Did he have dinner to go to? Was a tail light ticket not worth wasting ink for? I don't know, nor do I care. But I am thankful we have our boys in blue out there, risking their lives everyday just to tell me I have a tail light out. And I squeeked by not having to come home to Anthony and say, look what I got today!