Thursday, November 20, 2008


Have you seen these toe socks at Walgreens? Natalie loves them, but I think they are uncomfortable. It must be a young feet thing!

Last night was Natalie's Thanksgiving Concert, where she got to play her recorder and sing 2 songs. The program went on without any problems. But each girl had to call each other to see what dress they are wearing. This is 3rd grade, does it matter if its the same dress? I think brown is the new black this year. Natalie's dress was brown and about 3 other girls were brown too. Luckly, noone had the same dress!

It's closer to Turkey and I'm looking for some receipes! gobble gobble


Nicole said...

there's a link on my blog called "the flying circus" (my cousin) who has some GREAT recipes. Today she posted her entire Thanksgiving menu in recipes. SO ambitious.

Check it out!