Monday, November 3, 2008

Ready, Set, Go

I'm so proud, Natalie moved up from beginners to intermediate in Swim Team. She is improving more and more each day. She really needs to work on the endurance part, but that will come more with practice...Natalie's first meet is November 22, let's get to work.

Natalie got a really cute jacket and snow pants today from her Grandma. I'm hoping the snow pants can be worn at a much later date....I don't even want to think about snow yet. The jacket is white/Lime Green with pink piping around it. Very cute, and of course, she looks so cute in it. Why can't they make cute stuff for adults?
We bought Natalie her very own saddle to ride her horse. Needless to say Natalie had a great bday. Now as the day is done, I'm totally done. Although the only thing I have to look forward to now is the holidays. UGH, I'm really not ready for that!