Friday, May 9, 2008

Girl Scouts

We are finally wrapping up the year for Girl Scouts. It's been a long year, and I think the girls are ready to be done. We've done quite a bit of try its this year, so we should be proud of our accomplishments. Sure there tears & laughs, but we made it.

This was our first year of girl scouts. Another Mom and I were Co-leaders. We formed a brand new troop and had 7 girls. Will I do it again? Yes, but I can definitely say I've learned alot this year.

Our last meeting we went to a local nature center and went through the nature trails. We saw many plants, including skunk cabbage, this weird grass we called snake grass, insect pods, and we even saw a small Gardner snake. That was a hit with the girls surprisingly. We also saw these"water skater" insect bug things. I'm really a city girl! lol

The best part of the nature center was "mushu." He's the pet tortoise. He loves dandelions! The girls just had to show one to him and he would eat it out of your hands! He was too cute!