Friday, May 2, 2008

Spring Cleaning

As I sit here at my computer, mentally making my spring cleaning list. Where do I begin? They say you are suppose just do one room at a time and focus on that until you are done. My problem is I get distracted. When I'm cleaning the kitchen I will hear the dryer buzzer go off, go downstairs, fold laundry. I will then bring the towel upstairs and put away in the bathroom, and discover that the sink needs to be cleaned. After that is done, the cycle will start all over again. Back in the kitchen. I will find a toy in there and take it to Natalie's room.

I think this is why spring cleaning is so hard to do! So I'm making my mental list and going to try to stay focused. No multi-tasking. Mom's are professionals at multi-tasking.

I'm hoping the weather holds this weekend, so the yard can have a spring clean too!