Monday, April 7, 2008

Double Trouble

I took Natalie to her swim team practice tonight at the Y and I have to say it was very entertaining. Her little friend Nadia and her just couldn't behave tonight. They were goofing off every chance they got. For example, they were practicing their starts off the block and when the girls were on their blocks they had to do a dance to some music in their heads I guess. By this time the coach was saying "girls, knock it off!" We heard that alot tonight.

The next thing they started to do, again while waiting for their turn on the starting block, they sat on the floor, crossed legged and acted like they were meditating. OWWWUMMMM OWWUMMMM. I think those two a quite a pair. What about swimming tonight girls?? I guess we will have nights like this. :)

We will have to see what happens on Thursday night practice. Let's hope we practice and not goof around!