Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Tuesday Toot

They finally arrived today! The thing I've been hearing about ALL weekend. When can I have them Mom? When will they be here Mom? Can you call and see if they have arrived yet Mom? I really need them, Mom! Well the agony is finally over, because the call came today and THEY are here. We went and picked them up this afternoon. Natalie can't wait to show all her friends and her teacher tomorrow. What am I talking about? Natalie's new glasses!

It's Tuesday Toot, so I need to post an accomplishment that I made today. The accomplishment I came up with for this Tuesday is a simple one. I'm all caught up on the laundry. I worked all weekend to catch it up and finally I'm done! Yeah!

My excitement for the evening is that I was invited to a purse party. These party's have purses on display that are knock offs of Prada, Kate Spade, Coach etc. It's no secret I love purses, so there was no doubt I would be there! After an hour of going back and forth between the Kate Spade and the Prada, I finally settled on the Prada purse. I think it should be fine to get me through the summer. I love it!

Well, I've already cleaned out the old purse, organized the new and tomorrow I will be the envy of all with my new Prada Purse!


The Apron Queen said...

Late making my rounds. Awesome tackle! Stop by to check on the progress on my sunflowers.

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