Sunday, April 20, 2008

Pancake Breakfast

Today was the fireman's annual pancake breakfast. It was quite a busy morning. The fireman made pancakes, eggs, & sausage. We had about 300 people show up to eat breakfast. We ran out of sausage and eggs 3 times! They went to 2 different grocery stores and cleaned out their sausage supply, and after that was done, we had to go to McDonald's and buy more sausage and eggs. People really ate today.
Meanwhile, the ladies of the Fireman, known as "The Fire Angels" sold raffle tickets for the cute little red fire engine pedal car. I think it was so cute!

Natalie helped her daddy sell T-shirts/sweatshirts and also helped hand out fire helmets and coloring books to the kids. awwwh, so cute!

The fireman recently ordered new helmets, and went with a total new helmet style. Anthony's is unique, so I thought I'd take a picture of it. I think it looks neat.

Front side

top side

Guess Who?

We had the local "Queens" come to help, I snapped a cute one of them! You go girls!

And last, we have the future fire fighter herself, Natalie!

It all wrapped up around noon today, and the men made a pretty good profit. Again it was a success.


Troy & Nicole said...

Sounds like you had a fun. busy morning. You look good in a helmet!
Natalie: I think you're too young to drive, young lady.
How much money did you raise?

Gretchen said...

We had a profit of about $3000. We had a lady donate $2000 to the department,(they saved her house last fall). This was one of the better years profit wise. :)