Thursday, April 10, 2008

Thursday 13

This weeks heads or Tails is expression. This is a typical expression of my husband when I have the camera out

Its also Thursday 13. So here is my list, I hope I'm playing right. 13 things to be thankful for today:
1. My Husband of 14 years, who still loves me and puts up with me
2. A healthy child
3. My job
4. My faith
5. My health
6. Being a Mommy
7. Being a Wife
8. Living where we do
9. My friends
10. My Co-workers
11. My improving body
12. My warm house
13. My new purse! lol

Being married to Volunteer Fireman, you know that at any given moment during the day or night, he could be called for duty. Pager blares off and into his truck he goes. Sometimes for 5 minutes, sometimes for 5 hours. It is so unpredictable, and usually happens at the least opportune times. Today was no exception. Natalie's Girl Scout troop went to the Fire Station for some "safety" instruction. We weren't there for 5minutes, when the pager went off, and all the firemen came, got there gear on and off to save the world.....I guess it left some impressions for these girls! Just another fire call for me!


Skittles said...

Your husband looks like a fun guy!

Welcome to Heads Or Tails! I'm adding you to the blogroll now. :)

Jocelyn said...

Hi Gretchen,
Your blog should already be on Hip Mama's Place. Sorry it took a little longer.
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