Tuesday, April 1, 2008


I have spent my last couple of days fighting this evil cold. It started out as a sore throat, and then just exploded into head congestion and cough. I'm so tired of being sick. Just when the weather is starting to get somewhat better, I have to get this stupid cold! Misery loves company I suppose because everyone in my department at work is sick as well. Mostly with the same evil cold, but one person has the awful flu like stuff. Yuck!

To help me feel better, Natalie and I decided to go and get a pedicure. I wanted my tootsies to look nice when we go to the Y. Natalie enjoyed the whole experience of getting her tootsies done. We both picked a french style on our toes. So at yoga tonight, my toes looked so pretty. We are such girly girls!
I could hardly do my yoga moves tonight because of this cold I have. I get tired very easily and it made it more difficult to hold my poses. I ended up leaving a few minutes early because I just got too tired.

Well this spring break has started off not so good, lets hope the next part will be better. I hope that the weather starts to cooperate more, (less rain) more sunshine. Cross your fingers for Sunshine!!