Saturday, March 15, 2008

Awana Olympics

Well, Natalie's team did it! They took home First Place this year at the Awana Olympics. It was so much fun to watch the kids do the funny games. She had a good time and was well worth the drive to Kalamazoo. We ate at Cracker Barrell afterwards, and she really ate good. We went for lunch with some old friends and had a good time "catching up." Natalie received a ribbon for first place along with her team.

After the olympics, we came home and we went to the Y for a work out. I did the treadmill for awhile, then we did some of the Nautilis equipment in the weight room. I have to say there is alot of testosterone in that area..why do men have to go around grunting while they are lifting weights. And I felt totally uncomfortable since I was the only female in sight. I threatend Anthony with his life, that he better not leave me alone in there! The actual weight lifting part wasn't so bad, but I'm feeling it tonight! I'm going to try to go again tomorrow, but since Anthony won't be with me, I might just stick to the tread mill...