Sunday, March 23, 2008

Easter Day with the Family

Well its Easter eve, and I'm here gathering my thoughts of everything that happened today. My day started around 6 am this morning with a tapping on my shoulder. Mom the Easter Bunny came! Oh my, and I haven't even had my coffee yet! Needless to say, I slept in a little longer, while dad got up and helped her find all the Easter Eggs, the bunny left behind. He made coffee, and we had a simple breakfast, coffee cake :)

Our next stop was going to Grandma P house for the Easter Ham we've been waiting all year for. On our way to Traverse City, we stopped in Custer and bought the 20lb ham. So the ham has already had miles on it lol. The ham was delicious. We had Anthony's scalloped corn, and potato casserole, and of course the famous croissants. Brownies for dessert.

The kids all played together nice, Natalie got Easter bunny ears to wear, even I wore them for a while. Natalie was so glad to see her cousins. By the end of the day she was worn out.

Here's a picture of me & my girl. Happy Easter baby girl!

Well, now that Easter Day is coming to an end, we can start looking forward to some spring time weather. I want to start walking and taggie needs the exercise too!