Friday, March 14, 2008

It Fits!

While I had some free time this evening, I decieded to do some clothes shopping. Since I've lost some weight, I've been shrinking out of my clothes. I know, to many this seems like such a dilema, but it really is hard to keep up with my clothes. So I went to TJ Maxx and I bought some "gym" clothes to work out in. Then I went over to Old Navy and WOW, I was stuck at the Clearance rack. I bought about 4 shirts from the clearance rack, they were about $4.99 a piece. This is my kind of sale since I do have the problem of shrinking out of them. What made me happy was I could actually fit into stylish clothes. That hasn't happened in years!
Natalie has Awama Olympics tomorrow, and I'm trying to deciede what in the world to wear. Now that I have some options now, its hard to come to some sort of rational of what to wear to a chuch function. It is a sporting event, I could wear my new Nike shirt, or I could just wear my bright yellow top from old navy. hmmm, what to wear.
I think its ironic that I'm thinking about all this while I'm watching "What not to Wear" This is Natalies favorite show, and I'm sure whatever I do deciede to wear tomorrow, Natalie will be following in Stacys footsteps.