Sunday, March 9, 2008

What a week!

Well its Sunday evening, it's finally quiet and I'm thinking about the week ahead of me. It seems like I have so much to do and accomplish this week. I need to get organized with my new role for the Ladies of Fire Fighters. I've been voted the secretary for this, and I need to get the by laws done, and a few other things, so us ladies can start our organization.
Then of course, we have Natalie's swim schedule. Also, she has Awana 3 times this week, because the sparks olympics are saturday. She loves the games they do, and apparently she's really good at it. They recruited her again this year to do it, so lets hope she does well.
I also got a phone call tonight, from a lady from Natalie's school, they need some help with market day on tuesday. So I have a full week ahead of me.
I think I like my weeks busier, so that my weekend will come faster. But then it always seems like the weekend goes just as fast.
I need to start thinking about Easter. Easter has not crossed my mind at all, and its just a few weeks away. What are the plans going to be? Hmm, no clue. What's one more thing to think about.
Ok, Monday, here I come.....