Monday, March 24, 2008

Kick Box Cardio

Tonight I tried a new class at the Y. It was the kick box cardio aerobic workout. I was pleasantly surprised, it was really fun. Punching and kicking seem to be the main theme of the exercise. Its like a mini tybo class. Billy Blanks, watch out!

Anne from work is trying to talk me into taking her ty kwan do class with her. It seems like fun, punching and kicking all the time. Sparring with people kind of frightens me though. It might be too much contact for me. I told her I would consider it, who knows she may finally talk me into it. When you see me walking around trying to spar with you, it will be a clue that Anne finally talked me into it.

Well tomorrow I have my yoga class, and I am hoping that I don't kill myself trying to do the downward dogs. Ugh...