Saturday, March 22, 2008

Something's Fishy around here!

Today, I went to have my haircut, and after that we decided to do a few errands while we were out. After all the snow we got last night, we were all discouraged about spring being around the corner, so a little retail therapy would just hit the spot. Of course, I wanted to hit Old Navy, and Natalie has been begging to go into the new Pet Smart they just built. So I sent Anthony and Nat there, so I could have a few minutes of free time in Old Navy before I had others lingering and hovering around me. Well I was in the dressing room, and my cell rang. Hello?....Hi mommy, I want a fish. Can I have one? So needless to say, I had to finish up my shopping, because now, my free time was officially over.

Natalie had saved up $12 from her allowance, and it was burning a hole in her pocket. We settled on a Beta Fish with a small fish tank. She still had $2 left! I like to teach thrifty shopping.

With this newest member of the family, comes an important lesson. Natalie needs to learn how to keep her fish alive if she wants to have a "fish tank with lots of fishes." I will keep everyone posted on the outcome of this important lesson.


Troy & Nicole said...

I have been looking for blogs similar to mine to follow, an I really like yours, before I knew it, I way back in your archives. I sometimes wish I had a little girl... Come visit me sometime, we can be blog pals