Friday, March 28, 2008

Still Alive

Well its been 1 week and I'm glad to say that the fish (aka Blueberry) is still alive. He made it, and he looks like he's doing great. I don't think the cat has discovered him yet, so that has probably helped preserve his life.

Speaking of still alive, I made it through a stability ball class without falling on my rear. All through the class while we were "on" the ball, I just was focusing on not falling off. We also did some more yoga moves and weights. I'm glad I survived that class. I kept thinking if that older lady next to me can do all this, I sure can too!

We went swimming tonight, well Anthony and Natalie got in the pool while I watched patiently on the side lines. I glance over to Anthony and he is signally me to come over. We have a dilemma. Uh oh. Natalie's turtle earring came out of her ear and is somewhere at the bottom of the pool. There was some tears involved so Anthony kept diving looking for it. Each time he came up, Natalie was looking more and more desperate. But that earring is so special to me. This is a line we hear for everything! Good news is, Anthony found the earring at the bottom of the pool, and all is right in the world again.

So for now, both our fishes (Natalie & Blueberry) are alive and healthy!